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Interesting times – new series of posts coming to help you

Many of you who visit this Blog because you have an interest in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs may think we live in challenging and possibly interesting times. Certainly Brexit has serious potential to muddy the relatively clear waters in which we have been navigating in our careers whilst in the EU.

Soon, some things are bound to change but so far, apart from knowing that the European Medicines Agency is being relocated from London to Amsterdam, little clarity is close to hand.

Pharmaqmtraining.eu, which might even have to contemplate its own name change although we hope not, will endeavour to continue providing you with useful insight to help you in your regulatory careers.

Going forward we propose to help you with useful and regular commentary on changes to pharmaceutical regulatory subjects and practices. Keep an eye open for our communications from whatever channels we can legally use. Such methods will include messages to you if

  1. you are signed up to the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Training group on LinkedIn, or
  2. if you have ‘signed up’ on the PharmaQMtraining.eu mailing list in line with the soon to be compulsory GDPR in full to receive messages from us. You can do this by completing the Opt-In form 

For those of us who maintain interests in pharmaceutical activities predominantly in the United Kingdom we may be exposed to more changes than others who might need only to understand what affects EU countries. Either way, stay in touch with us please and we will do our best to keep you informed with helpful news.